Baseball Stat Conundrum

So I’m watching today’s Reds vs Cubs game today, and something unusual happened. Watching the WGN feed, I hear Len and Bob discussing relief pitcher Alberto Cabrerra, saying that he has not yet given up a hit, yet I noticed he had a 7.65 era coming into today’s game? How is that possible, I tweeted. I was quickly receiving tweets from others wondering the same thing, and a couple of tweets that explained on August 5, against the Dodgers, he pitched 0.1 inngings, giving up 2 walks and 2 earned runs, then reiterating, “How is this possible?!?!”image

All I could come up with was that it somehow involved additional base runners and maybe some errors. But the runs are EARNED, so no errors were involved. Conundrum. And no other ideas! Well, @rausdenmoore and @rednutsteeljack came up with the answer, and it makes perfect sense, really. Cabrerra comes into the game with a runner on first after the last pitcher gives up a walk. He then walks both batters he faces to load the bases. The next pitcher gives up a bases-clearing triple, which scores the 2 batters Cabrerra had walked. Hence, 0.1 innings pitched, faces 2, walks 2, gives up 2 runs. Wacky! That’s why baseball is the greatest game on earth, because in it, even the impossible can happen! And twitter makes it even better.

Bonus wacky stat: Len and Bob talked about a pitcher (don’t recall name or date) who gave up 2 hits but retired 3 batters, all with 4 pitches! How can that happen? Glad you asked. First pitch: base hit. Second pitch: swung on an missed, runner thrown out trying to steal second. Third pitch: base hit. Fourth pitch: hit into a double play, end of the inning. That’s how that happens. Dig it!

Trade Deadline Is Killing Me

As the baseball trade deadline is roughly 23 hours away, I find myself quite depressed, fearful and anxious. Keeping in mind that I normally suffer for any or all of those symptoms all the time, it may not seem like such a big deal, but it is. Because this time, it’s not just all in my head, they are quite real, and arise from the fact that my team(s) could look quite different tomorrow. Having been a lifelong Phillies fan, their predicament has me quite knotted.  Five of my Phillies fav’s have been the subject of trade rumors, and while some are just plain rediculous, and not going to happen (Rollins, Utley, Howard), others seem quite possible if not likely (Victorino, Pence, Pierre, Blanton, Lee – wait, should Lee be on the other list? Quite likely…). I am resistant to change, so I wish none of them gone. That said, a case could be made that it’s smart to shift Victorino, which I might slightly agree with, but Pence  and Pierre I don’t at all think should be gone. As a Reds fan, living in Dayton, Ohio for the last 30 years, I am also concerned about the moves that Walt might make. I am not one to upset a winning club chemistry, but, that said, if the Reds end up with Victorino, Pence or Pierre, I’d be happier about that than if any of those for-now Phillies ended up on any other team. A lot of anxiety, and it’s compounded by the recent onset of my twitter addiction. Talk about rumors! I can’t quit checking the feed. But it’s tricky, too. It’s taken me a few days to get savvy, but now when I see 1000 re-tweets of a confirmed trade from “Ken RosenthaI” (that’s not an “L”, but a caps “i”!), I know better. Now I’m hip to the “i” for an “L” trick. Live and learn… Bottom line – sad to see Phillies players depart, but they probably will. BUT I DON’T WANT THEM TO. And Reds, DON’T CHANGE A THING, PLEASE. But they probably will. So, if I don’t survive the next 23 hours, at least you’ll know why. But I hope I do, so I can See HOF Marty shave his head this Friday. So go Reds, and OMG Phillies (night off tonight)! To all the Phillies today who won’t be tomorrow, I sincerely thank you for all the excitement. It’s been a great run, but please know I love you win or lose.