Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

Hello, I’m Andrew. Residing in Dayton, Ohio, I am a stand-up comedian by trade, but I’m currently caring for my elderly father, so no time for travel these days. Hence blogs, podcasts and the like for now. Divorced 4 years ago, I am currently in a committed (though celebit) relationship with myself. Clearly, I deserve me, so don’t try to break me up. I fill my time with baseball when it’s in season. Grew up in South Jersey – 08034, yo! – which means I’m a Phillies fan. Oh, the 1980 Phillies! Old school! After moving to Dayton in 1983, the Reds became my team of choice, mainly due to not being able to easily follow the Phils. Thank goodness for MLB.TV! So, these two teams are my primary focus, but in reality, I just love the game of baseball. Music tastes are quite diverse, favs being The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, and almost anything Woodstock-esque. I love live music. Huge horror film fan, classic through current. That’s it for now, I’ve probably said too much already.

– Andrew

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