My Thoughts on the Trade Deadline

Okay, so the trade deadline was yesterday at 4pm. I’m just getting around to writing this now, after a full night of actual games and a decent night’s sleep. It’s taken this long to collect my thoughts. So, let’s first address the Reds. They picked up reliever (formerly closer) Jonathan Broxton. In years past, in his years closing for the Dodgers, I have seen quite a bit of Brox, and have always been impressed. I think he will be an excellent 8th inning man, and he makes Cinci’s stellar bullpen that much more formidable. As last night went on, I got progressively more excited about Brox being a Red. That said, throughout the evening I heard some disconcerting points alleged. Firstly, it has been said that KC fans feel about Brox the way we felt about Coco Cordero. I sure hope not. I aslo read that he has pitched only twice in the last 17 days. Concerning, but could that be because The Royals have only had 2 save opps in the last 17 days? Maybe, but one would think they’d still be using him in non-save situations just to get him some work. So I need to know a little more about why he’s pitched to infrequently. SO, my overall feeling is that Walt made the right move by not messing with the chemistry of this “Red” hot team. Glad nobody got traded away. One interesting note: Since acquiring Broxton, the Reds are undefeated and average 7 runs per game. Just sayin…

Now, on to the Phillies. I know why they traded Victorino, and it kinda makes sense with his pending free agency, but I still hate it! Remember, I’m resistant to change. So many great memories of the Flyin Hawaiian, he’s been such an important core player. I will miss him, but I wish him all the best in sunny L.A. On the other hand, I have NO IDEA why Hunter Pence was traded. Just does not make sense to me. He’s been a great addition to this team, and again, I’m sad to see him go. On a side note, there was so much talk about Cliff Lee getting traded, and according to Ruben Amaro, Jr., he was never on the trading block. Yet even today, the “reporters” still talk of how a deal could not be reached with the Rangers for Lee. Somebody is misinformed, or worse yet, lying. I suppose it doesn’t matter really now, but the misinformation created a lot of additional stress on an already stressful day/week. Just sayin… The one move I really don’t understand is giving catcher Tuffy Goeswich (BEST name in baseball) to Toronto for NOTHING in return. By definition, that is NOT a trade. It’s a contribution, a gift, but it’s not a trade. Please explain, Phillies. SO, to sum up, saw 2 of my favorite players go, so I am a bit sad. But I will say, seeing tweets from Shane and Hunter thanking the Phillie fans and keeping us up to date on the travels makes it a bit more bearable. Nice to stay connected to them even after they move on. And, of course, the Phillies pull out a gem last night, winning 8-0 over the Strassburg-led Nats (just 3 games too late!), so that made things a bit more bearable. I am slowly adjusting to the changes, and it will likely take a while, but I will follow the Phillies every step of the way, win or lose.

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