Wake Up and Call In

So, today, minutes after waking up, I’m listening to WLW, and Dan Carroll is filling in for Scott Sloan. He’s talking about Google’s involvement in a recent child porn arrest. But he’s got it all wrong. He’s mangling the facts, and disseminating misinformation. So, despite the fact I’ve yet to have my first cup of coffee, I’ve got to call in and right his wrongs. A long time on hold gives me an opportunity to load up on coffee, but my wake up is a slow one. You can tell by my annoyed exhale at the start of the call when he recaps the misinformation he’s already dished out. For not being awake, I was quite surprised when he asked me to stay on through the break, as he had more questions for me. That never happens. All in all, I did my good deed for the day. You can listen here: