“Johnny Dies At The End” – Movie Review

“Johnny Dies At The End” (2012)

A very engaging movie. I’ve seen hints of “Evil Dead”/”Evil Dead 2″, “Brain Damage”, “The Naked Lunch”, “Donnie Darko”, and even a shout out to “Risky Business” for the first minute or so. Now I’m not at all saying this is a rip-off film by any means, they merely perhaps borrowed from, or even better, were inspired by these films. Whatever you want to call it, it’s done quite well. But more importantly, it introduces sights, events and concepts that are original, unique, and rather mind blowing. Time travel, parallel universes, hybrid organic/machinated creatures, and more will give you plenty of things to ponder and discuss after the credits roll.

The main star is new, unknown drug introduced by a Jamaican who must seem trustworthy, as party goers are willing to try it, having no idea what it is or what risks come with it. “Soy Sauce” is the juice that powers the edgy story, changing the lives of its users irreversibly, and will eventually bring about the end of the world.

Moustaches ripped off lips, flying about the room. Arms being pulled with seemingly non-excessive force resulting in severance, and all the wormy, demonic crawling screaming alienistic creatures you can handle. Its all here. Sets range from drab and nondescript to saturated, psychedelic hues that will catch even the most closed minded eye. To my liking, CGI usage is minimal and most often subtle, though some of the more hallucinatory scenes actually benefit from heavier digital rendering.

Overall, this is a great film, well worthy of the <90 minutes you’ll invest in it. I was luck enough to see it last night at what IMDB.com says is the ONLY U.S. theater still showing it near Cleveland, Ohio. See it when and where you can.